Thank you for this helpful "step back!" I think I understand that the third form of doctrine is the cultural-linguistic. I am barely keeping up, but really interested in this discussion. I'm wondering if the three theories (is cultural-linguistic the third?) are helpfully mapped onto Poythress and Frame's theory of triperspectivalism? Normative (Cognitive), Existential (experiential-expressivist), and Situational (cultural-linguistic). Can truth claims produce inner feelings AND "hem us in to a larger garment of belief?" Should we be putting anyone into one camp?

Perhaps I'm still not understanding this in terms of ecumenism—where we start does make a difference in what we think the aims are. My conversations tend to try to expose the cognitive disagreements while affirming the experiential similarities. And then sometimes I just take great comfort in being a part of a larger tradition that I'm not inventing myself that I can share with others. Again, apologies for any misunderstandings, appreciate the work.

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I haven't read Frame and Poythress, so I'm not going to be helpful on that.

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